Thousands in city, county funds found in 'unclaimed property'

KSAT 12 search finds forgotten funds owed to CPS Energy, SAWS, Bexar Hospital District

A search of the state's unclaimed property database turned up at least $130,000 that is owed to City Hall, Bexar County, CPS Energy and other entities supported by taxpayers and ratepayers.

The City of San Antonio has at least $36,000 waiting to be claimed. One listing is for more than $21,000 from Walgreens.  

Brackenridge Golf Course, a municipal course, has $1,500 in the unclaimed kitty. Brookhollow Library also has nearly $1,500. 

The state's unclaimed property account has about $3 billion in it -- funds that, for various reasons, never got delivered to the rightful owner.  

The money comes from a variety of sources, such as abandoned bank accounts or stock holdings, deposits, refunds, royalty checks or other payments. 

By law, banks and businesses are required to hand over to the state comptroller funds that are considered abandoned.

The state has an online database that is easily searched at www.claimittexas.org.

The Bexar County Hospital District and University Health System has  at least $19,400 in the unclaimed property database.

Bexar County has another $18,000. That amount is divided among various offices including the district attorney, clerks, courts, jail and others.

"Eighteen thousand is a lot of money," said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff when informed of the unclaimed funds. "We'll have to pull that together, they are separate elected officials, but we'll try to pull that together under one umbrella and make sure they all have the ability to get those funds back."

Another chunk of money -- $24,000 -- is owed to CPS Energy. San Antonio Water System has nearly $19,000 to be claimed.

The San Antonio Housing Authority has another $4,000 that could be claimed. And more than $10,000 is designated for Bexar County Child Support.

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