Mountain Cedar season may begin early this year

Key to surviving season is to prepare now


Mountain Cedar season usually begins in early December, but for those who suffer from the allergen, the season starts way too soon.

Dr. Dennis Dilley does his own research before the season begins, and he has reason to believe this season is going to be a bad one.

"About maybe 15 (or) 20 minutes north of Kerrville, if you look up on kind of those limestone croppings on the side of the highway, I've already been seeing the cedar trees are very mature," Dilley said.

So the season may start a little early this year.

"I even went up and shook one (of the cedar bushes) and the smoke came off of it. That's all pollen. So I'm nervous that it's going to hit early this year, especially with this cold front we just had," Dilley said.

According to Dilly, the key to getting through the season with the minimum amount of suffering possible is acting now before the pollen appears.

"What I do in my practice is I try to schedule people sometime in November to get on the right medications to prepare for the season. Cedar is not very forgiving once it hits," Dilley said.

If your symptoms are usually minor enough that it doesn't require a trip to the doctor, start taking anti-histamines now, and keep taking them through the end of the season.

Avoid being outside when the pollen count is high.

Sinus rinses and keeping your clothes washed and free of pollen will all help to limit your suffering this winter.

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