30 roosters seized, 3 men arrested in alleged cockfighting ring

Thirty roosters were seized in South Bexar County after an alleged cock fighting ring. 

They were found just south of Interstate 35 near Elm Creek heading towards Somerset. Deputies discovered not only several roosters, but the cock pit and evidence that several fights had taken place there in the past. 

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is investigating how long cockfighting may have been going on.

The sheriff's office spokesperson, Rosanne Hughes, said, "There were more than 20 individuals and more than 30 roosters here, and there was evidence that there was cockfighting paraphernalia here."

Some of the paraphernalia found on scene were razor spurs that investigators said are strapped onto the roosters before a fight.

"What they do is tape them, they put the mole skin around it and they put the little brace that goes around the leg and allows the spur to stick out on one end, obviously their feet down the other end, and these will go on the back end of it, so when they charge up, and when they jump at each other, they can basically tear each other to pieces," said a deputy off camera.

Several of the roosters on scene were injured. One rooster from the alleged fights could only stand on one leg. 

Deputies rounded up all the roosters and they'll be examined and taken to a nearby shelter. 

Deputies say three people have been arrested, but more arrests could follow.     

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