Cold front brings rain, sleet to Hill Country


The big chill continues in the Texas Hill Country Saturday night.

The weekend cold front brought rain, sleet and frigid temperatures to the area, causing headaches for drivers along the Interstate 10 corridor.

Those in Kerrville are hoping to dodge old man winter for a second straight night.

By Friday night, street crews in Kerrville were on standby ready for whatever came their way.

Officials knew temperatures would be near freezing and rain was coming, but the big question was, would it stick to the road? By early Saturday morning, the answer was no.

The public works department sent one crew out around 7 a.m. to tend to a bridge, but other than that, it was an uneventful 12 hours, which is why Cindy Gordon decided to stop in Kerrville on her way to Florida.

"We left about 8 o'clock from Lubbock," said Gordon. "It's usually about a six hour drive to San Antonio. We got here in Kerrville at about 2:30 in the morning."

While things were quiet Saturday morning in Kerrville, the same cannot be said for the I-10 corridor to the northwest. Several drivers reported hazardous road conditions and even an accident.

"I saw some RVs and fifth wheels and tag-a-long trailers laying in the median or side of the road," said one driver.

Allen Williams, who was on his way back to Waco, said he encountered a few slick spots along I-10 and said TxDOT crews were taking care of them, but drivers remained somewhat cautious.

"In the areas that it looked like they could have been picking up the speed, they were going slow, and in the areas that they should have been slowing down, including me, you know, we really didn't," Williams said.

Officials say they'll continue monitoring local radar and keep workers on standby just in case they're needed to treat any roads bridges or overpasses that may ice over throughout the night.