SAPD: Officer Robert Deckard vitals 'somewhat unstable'

Family releases statement saying nothing else can be done

Officer Robert Deckard
Officer Robert Deckard

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department posted the following information Wednesday on its Facebook page on the condition of Officer Robert Deckard.

"Although Officer Deckard's vitals are still somewhat unstable, doctors are monitoring around the clock and working tirelessly in their efforts to save him. The SAMMC medical team should be applauded for their heroic efforts. Continued well-wishes and prayers for Bobby are appreciated."

Officer Deckard's family released a statement Tuesday night saying there's nothing more doctors can do.

"We sincerely appreciate everyone standing beside us at this tough time in our lives.  People from all over the country have reached out to us and it fills our hearts with pride to know that everyone was touched by Bobby's story to such an extent.  Unfortunately the doctors have reached a point where they can no longer do much to save Bobby's life.  Although it pains us to let him go, we must begin to and are thankful for the fact that we have had these few precious days with him since he was injured.  We do take pride in knowing that Bobby was doing what he loved doing; protecting the citizens of San Antonio.  We also take great comfort in knowing that Bobby will continue to offer others a second chance at life through organ donation when his time does come in the next few days.  Your continued thoughts and prayers are felt and appreciated.  We would like to express our wholehearted appreciation to the SAMMC medical staff and to the SAPD for everything they've done.  We would again ask the media to respect our request for privacy during this trying time.   Thank you all."

S.A.P.D. and SAMMC personnel organized a coordinated blood drive for Bobby. You can read the details here.

Deckard was critically wounded Dec. 8 while chasing some burglary suspects.

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