Rubber paint gives car owners colorful options

South Side business customizing cars with peel-off plastic pain

If you have a car that could use a new paint job or maybe you'd just like to try a bubble gum pink on your ride, rubber paint may be the solution.

George Flores bought a couple of do-it-yourself kits on the Internet.

"I did my own personal vehicle and got pretty good at it," he said. "Before I knew it, people were calling."

Now he's busy most weekends with his side business, Dip My Whip Custom, at 410 W. Mally.

The spray-on paint is a version of the rubber mixture people would dip tools into to create hands for better gripping.

"Right now, everybody likes black on black," he said while spraying a dinged-up BMW.

The coating acts as a protectant against rock dings, salt damage or other elements, according to  Flores.

And, at about $500 for the average car, it's a fraction of the cost of conventional car repainting.

It comes in a variety of colors from silver and gold to green and tangerine and bright green. Finishes range from matte to glossy.

"It's removable. It's temporary," said Flores.

He showed how the rubbery coating peels right off the car.

"If you don't like it, you can take it off and try again," he said. 

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