Voter ID law means some will cast provisional ballots

Provisional ballots not included in Tuesday night's election results

The mandatory picture ID law went through its first go round in the November election.

"When we had that election, at the end of it, we had a total of 19 voter ID provisionals, which we thought was really quite good," said Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen.

Only 19 voters showed up without a photo ID. And though they have a six-day grace period to show it, none of the 19 followed through, essentially making their ballots invalid, Callanen said.

The last election has some wondering if these provisional ballots will affect Tuesday night's primary results.

"It could, in tight races, absolutely -- and with the primary and so many tight races, it's possible," Callanen said.

The numbers released Tuesday night are going to be incomplete, she said, and will not include ballots cast without a photo ID.

The official results will be released next Tuesday following the six-day grace period.

Voters who do so without a photo ID will have until Monday at 5 p.m. to cure their ballot.

For a list of acceptable forms of ID, visit www.votetexas.gov.

IDs that expired within the last 60 days will also be considered valid for the purposes of voting.