Winter weather plays role in primary election

Icy conditions cause concerns, delays

Winter weather wound up playing a factor in Tuesday's primary election.

While it was only enough to merely cause concern in Bexar County, Travis County polling sites were forced to opened late due to the weather.

Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacquelyn Callanen said phones were ringing off the hook at the elections office early in the morning.

"There was a concern with the inclement weather, whether the polls were gong to open on time and, yes, they opened on time," she said.

At one point, there was nearly a problem at one of the polling sites.

"We had a few flutters. The Comal School District posted a two-hour delay but we were allowed in the polls and so the polls opened in time," said Callanen.

However, that wasn't the case in Travis County, where polls didn't open until 11 a.m.

Callanen said it was fortunate that the threat of winter weather just missed Bexar County; however, she said the cold weather could still impact overall turnout.

Early voting numbers in Bexar County were higher than expected, which Callanen said could be attributed to the governors race, as well as a number of hot local races.

About 51,000 were expected, but close to 60,000 people actually voted.

"That means both parties brought in about an additional 3,000, which is great," said Callanen. "So we'll see if that translated to numbers today. Again, we're not sure how the weather will affect us."

Since polls opened late in Travis County, that means they'll have to stay open late.

That means some of the state-wide results will be coming in later than usual.