Improvements coming to UTSA Boulevard

The northwest side of the city near UTSA Boulevard is growing, thanks to businesses moving in, more homes being built and the University of Texas at San Antonio expanding its campus.

To improve traffic in the area for both motorists and pedestrians, Texas Department of Transportation and the city of San Antonio are looking to make improvements along UTSA Boulevard from Interstate 10 to Babcock Road.

Monday night, Monroe May Elementary School's cafeteria was decked out with maps and information. It's for northwest side residents like Paul Zini, who's lived in the area since the 1990s and says something needs to be done.

He wants to know more about a proposed project that would improve traffic congestion on UTSA Boulevard from I-10 to Babcock Road. 

"Traffic here is crazy, and at rush hour it is difficult to maneuver sometimes," Zini said.

The proposed project is in cooperation with the city of San Antonio and would improve mobility for vehicles and pedestrians within the project limits. The 2.35-mile project will consist of restriping the existing four-lane roadway to serve as a shared-use lane and will add sidewalks from I-10 to UTEX Boulevard.

UTEX Boulevard to Babcock Road will consist of expanding from a two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway, with curbs, storm sewers and pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

By 2033, the improvements would allow close to 30,000 vehicles to travel on the road from I-10 to Babcock Road.

"New development, not just with the university, but you got so many businesses just all over, it's just a growing area. The development is growing and we're just trying to get ahead of the game here," said Laura Lopez, with TXDOT.

The project is scheduled to be completed within the next four years.

The total estimated construction cost is $18.7 million.