City looking into banning plastic single-use grocery bags

Some worried about day-to-day costs for customers

It could change your whole checkout experience at the grocery store.

Some groups are proposing a ban on plastic grocery bags, in favor of reusable bags.

Andrew Dobbs, a bag ordinance advocate, along with several other groups gathered in front of City Hall on Wednesday to present their open letter to the council, which urges city leaders to adopt an ordinance that would restrict single-use bags from San Antonio stores.

District 7 Councilman Cris Medina said that's something the city has already been looking into.

Last year, his office submitted a request to get a possible ban on plastic bags.

"We all want to see a beautiful San Antonio," said Medina. "We all want to keep San Antonio beautiful when we're out on the Riverwalk, out walking in the park. Oftentimes, we see those bags. So I think this is part of a larger picture in making sure we are a litter-free community."

Some residents said Wednesday that they also thought it was a good idea.

"You see a lot of these out in the street," said Leticia Garcia. "People don't know how to recycle. So people don't recycle. So it's a good idea."

"So many cities are getting into being more environmentally friendly," said Kimberly Calido. "I think it's a great idea. I love to reuse bags."

However, others believe banning the plastic bag and only allowing store-bought reusable bags would be a hardship.

"I just had twins, and I can't afford even just to buy a bag to put my groceries in," said Maricela Trejo. "So I say to keep them."

Medina said they will take cost into consideration as they draft a plan.

Supporters are also looking at some exceptions for the plastic bags used for dry cleaning and produce.

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