Teen charged with capital murder to be tried as adult

SAPD: John Rubio, 16, charged in connection with death of John Bermea, 20

A teenager who is facing capital murder charges in connection with a convenience store robbery has been certified to stand trial as an adult.

The lead detective in the case -- San Antonio Police Detective Tim Angel -- testified Wednesday morning that the victim was just an innocent bystander trying to make a citizen's arrest.

Angel said two adults and a teenager robbed the convenience store and then fled to a nearby apartment complex last fall.

The teenager was later identified as John Rubio, who was 16 years old at the time.

As they ran through the complex, they were confronted by 20-year-old John Bermea, Angel said.

"Bermea as just a casual bystander who became aware of this robbery, ran to stop these individuals, detain them, arrest them (as) a citizens arrest," Angel said.

Bermea was shot in the chest and killed.

Angel said it was not clear who fired the fatal shot as all three suspects blamed each other.

Rubio was arrested a short time later hiding in a field. Nearby, police found two pistols, one of which has since been identified as the murder weapon.

Since Rubio is a juvenile, he is not eligible for the death penalty, even though this is a capital murder case.

If he convicted, he is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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