How to choose a new tennis racket

When buying a new tennis racket there are certain areas you should look at to make sure you're getting the racket that's best for you. Take a look at some criteria to consider when choosing a new racket.

Head size: The size of the racket's head determines how much power your racket can generate. The larger the head, the more power it will provide. More skilled players may prefer a smaller head, as it will give them more control over their shots, while others might prefer the larger head as offers a bigger sweet spot to work with.

Length: The standard racket length is 27 inches long, but rackets are allowed to be between 27-29 inches long in most competitions. Longer rackets allow players more reach so they can run down more groundstrokes. They can also give off more power.

Weight and balance: Heavier rackets are more powerful than lighter rackets; however, lighter rackets are easier to swing faster. In addition to the overall weight of the racket, players have to decide how they want the weight balanced – head-light or head-heavy.

Most professional players prefer a head-light racket. These rackets are often more control-focused and are good for players who can generate their own power.

In the head-heavy rackets, manufacturers trimmed weight from the handles and left the head the same weight. This allowed players to easily swing the rackets and not lose any power.

Frame stiffness: A stiffer racket bends less when making contact with the ball, which results in less energy being taken from the ball. A more flexible racket bends more, resulting in more energy loss from the ball. The level of stiffness can also impact how much impact is delivered to your wrist. The stiffer the racket, the more impact your wrist will feel.