Punting Plastic: Steve Spriester's Blog for March 19

KSAT anchor swears off plastic shopping bags for 1 year


The concept seems easy enough: just use re-usable bags instead of plastic when you shop.

So imagine my dismay -- not to mention embarrassment -- when I made a quick trip to Target and forgot my re-usable friends.

Now, I had done pretty well in the past. I was feeling good about my effort to save the landfill and save every roadside tree from the scourge of these modern day tumble weeds.

Yet here I was, at the front of a long line of people, my items already in plastic. I had to be THAT guy.

I asked the checker if I could buy some cloth bags. She said sure, but couldn't find any.

She scurried from register to register looking, and I quickly became the Target target, the jerk who couldn't use plastic.

Finally, she found them. I paid and made my way out.

I now carry bags in the back of my car, a lesson learned the red-faced way.

A "no-plastic" shopping bag-pledge that on that trip to the store left my face the same color as the Target bags.

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