Atascosa Sheriff: Forensic expert confirms donkey killed ex-mayor

Forensic expert reviewed evidence in death of ex-Hollywood Park Mayor Bill Bohlke

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward said forensic expert Dr. Vincent Dimaio found former Hollywood Park Mayor Bill Bohlke was killed by a stud donkey. 

Over the past three weeks, Dimaio reviewed all the photographs, evidence and reports pertaining to the case.

"Mr. Bohlke was attacked by the stud donkey, which inflicted the injuries observed on his body, including the bite marks on his arms, and the hoof contusions on his back," said Soward.

He said his office closed the case several months ago, but hired Dimaio, the former Bexar County medical examiner, to make sure nothing was missed.

"I realize how difficult the tragedy has been for the family and we can sympathize with them, but I assure you the case was taken very seriously by the sheriff's office and every effort was made by investigators to learn the truth," said Soward.

But the attorney for Bohlke's family, Edgardo Baez, said the family still believe the sheriff could do more, so that they can finally have peace with his death.

"We want an independent party to conduct an autopsy of the body because that's what's going to answer the questions not speculations," said Baez. 

The family members said they want the body exhumed but they're waiting for a judicial order.

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