Floresville ISD statement

The week prior to being contacted by KSAT 12, FISD was alerted to a potential issue with a bus driver and, in response to that alert, staff watched over 10 hours of video that covered a two week period. These videos showed students laughing, smiling and hugging the bus driver as students loaded and unloaded the bus on a daily basis. As per the information received by the District, there was one singular incident that was clearly unprofessional and inappropriate conduct by the driver. It was addressed with that driver immediately and before KSAT 12 made any contact with the District.

In addition to handling the matter with the employee, I personally boarded the bus, with no notice to the students or bus driver, and spoke to students about the importance of reporting when anyone treats them or any of their friends badly and I stressed that it doesn't matter who that person is, they should report it. As I boarded the bus, I saw elementary students laughing and talking to friends. It did not seem to be an atmosphere of fear. When I asked who they should report things to, the students responded positively naming, the principal, teacher, counselor and parents.

A meeting was held last week with FISD Transportation staff to reiterate expectations for bus driver behavior with students and we will continue to follow up at FISD Transportation meetings with trainings on how to appropriately address discipline concerns with students. Our students' safety remains a top priority within Floresville ISD and I will continue to hold staff accountable to that expectation.

Sherri Bays

Floresville ISD Superintendent