KSAT takes closer look at existing city service centers

Neighbors list pros, cons of newest facility completed in 2013

The plan to build a new public service center on the 6000 block of Leslie Road near Loop 1604 now goes to a City Council vote after the city Zoning Commission Tuesday approved rezoning the area to make way for the project.

The facility would clean and service city trash trucks and other heavy equipment.

Many residents in the Bridgewood community, which is near the proposed facility, have been fighting the project for months. The facility's effect on smell, noise, streets, traffic and home values are among their concerns.

There are four existing city service centers at 110 Callaghan Road, 10303 Tool Yard, 7402 South New Braunfels Avenue and 6802 Culebra Road.

The Callaghan location is the newest and was completed in 2013. Homes are just blocks from the service center.

Residents living near by listed both pros and cons of the center.


  • More light at night making the neighborhood feel safer
  • More police patrols in the area


  • Increase in commute times due to increased traffic from center employees and trucks
  • Heavier traffic on residential streets
  • Increase in noise

The service center at 10303 Tool Yard was completed in 2002, but homes are cannot be seen from the front of the facility.

The South New Braunfels Avenue location was built in 1962. The Culebra Road location was completed in 1976.

The city says older facilities will be phased out by newer ones like the Leslie Road location, if it is approved by the City Council.

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