SOUND OFF: Do open carry laws make you feel safer?

Man says he was hit by SAPD police Taser after legally carrying firearm


A San Antonio man says he was hit by a San Antonio police officer's Taser while openly carrying a rifle.

A YouTube video depicts the man speaking to police officers about the firearm he is carrying. The man, identified by Open Carry Texas as Henry Vichique, tells police in the video he was walking home from a friend's house while carrying a rifle. The sound of a Taser being fired can be heard later in the video.

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Open Carry Texas maintains that Vichique was within his rights to carry the rifle and argues that San Antonio's ordinance forbidding citizens other than peace officers to carry loaded rifles or shotguns in public is pre-empted by Texas state laws allowing the open carry of long guns.

Do laws allowing the open carry of rifles and long guns in Texas make you feel safer or less safe? Sound off below.

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