Video shows Floresville school bus driver mocking crying child

Defenders question superintendent about driver's behavior

A Floresville Elementary School bus driver was caught on camera mocking a crying girl one day during the weeks leading up to spring break.

Video obtained by the Defenders from inside bus No. 67 shows the driver, known to students as "Ms. Pat," calling the young girl, "crybaby."

Then, a few seconds later, she invites the students to join in, chanting, "Ready? Cry, cry, cry!"

Even though the majority of the bus is chiming in, the little girl can still be heard crying in the background.

"'I want my mama,'" Ms. Pat hollers, taunting the sobbing child.

Monna Perez, whose children ride the same bus, was brought to tears watching the video.

"If you can't bully at school, why are they allowing it on the bus?" Perez said.

"She treated the child as if she was a child herself, bullying the child," said a mother who asked to be identified only as Lucy. "Having the other children follow her example, that's just wrong."

Lucy said her son had asked her that morning if she could pick him up instead of putting him on the bus. After seeing the video, she said she now knows why her son no longer wanted to ride the bus.

The Defenders sat down with Floresville Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Sherri Bays to show her the video and get her reaction.

"I was very concerned with that and it's definitely not appropriate," Bays said. "I think she's acting very childish and immature."

The driver of bus No. 67 has not been terminated. Bays said the woman was disciplined, however, though she would not disclose how.

As of Monday of this week, Bays said Ms. Pat was driving her usual route.

"I expect that person to learn from that mistake and we will continue to monitor that," Bays said.

She asked that parents talk to their kids and, if another issue arises, to contact her directly.

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