Floresville parents want bus driver who mocked child fired

Video shows driver of bus No. 67, 'Ms. Pat,' taunting sobbing girl

Last night, KSAT aired video from inside a school bus of a driver taunting a sobbing little girl.

In the video, the driver, known to students as "Ms. Pat," is seen inviting students on the bus to join her in chanting "cry" to the young girl. She also called the young girl a "crybaby."

After seeing the story aired, many KSAT viewers said they were expecting to learn that the driver was fired, but, according to Floresville Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Sherri Bays, that's not the case.

"There should be zero tolerance if that's the way they deal with the kids at school -- zero tolerance for bullying. It should not be tolerated at all with this bus driver," said Floresville mother Rosemary Alcorta.

"You see this video and I mean, it's just not right. I mean, this person needs to be let go, be fired," said mother Sylvia Mata.

KSAT also spoke with former Floresville ISD bus driver Alice Sanchez, who said she was shocked to hear the district did not terminate the driver immediately.

"That's terrible because I was a bus driver myself and you don't do things like that," Sanchez said.

After finding out the driver of bus No. 67 was on her usual route Wednesday morning, KSAT's Defenders tried to track her down at the bus barn, only to find out there was a sub driving that bus.

KSAT also requested an interview with the bus driver through the district but was told she was not available.

Bays was not available either, but did send a written statement. You can read that statement in full here.

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