Frappuccino is top Starbucks order in San Antonio

Starbucks study finds sweet, frozen drink is most popular here


When San Antonians look for a Starbucks caffeine fix, people in the city tend to order more Frappuccinos than almost anywhere else in the country.

That's according to a Starbucks analysis shared with Quartz. The report shows that the sweet, frozen Frappuccino is the most popular drink on the Starbucks menu in San Antonio.

The only other place that loves their Fraps as much as we do is Los Angeles, Calif.

Analysts discovered that the country can basically be divided along a hot-cold axis, with northern states ordering more hot beverages and southern states preferring iced beverages.

In fact, in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Hawaii and Southern California, iced coffee outsells hot coffee.

The study also found that San Antonio is among the cities that prefer Starbucks' light roast coffee, as opposed to some of the darker, more bitter blends.

You can read the Quartz report and see what beverages are preferred in other cities here.