Wheelchair-bound dog finds forever home

Family adopts Angel after she was hit by car

Angel, the dog confined to a wheelchair after being hit by a car, has found a forever home.

Animal Care Services reached out to the community in hopes that someone would step forward to adopt the dog.

Michelle Morales first learned about the special, yellow Labrador mix named Angel through a Facebook post.

"As soon as I saw it, I tried to contact ACS to see if she was still available. I didn't wait for them to return my call," said Morales. "I said if she's still there, she's meant to be ours and she was still there."

Michelle knew Angel would be the perfect fit for her family and her 11-year-old son Adam who has Down syndrome.

"She was the sweetest dog. She was very calm. She didn't claw at me. She didn't beg. She just wanted to be loved. She was beautiful, So, that's when we made the decision to go ahead and adopt her for Adam," said Morales.

"Dogs understand other people who are in need, and I think she knows that he needs someone, and I think he wants to be affectionate with her too," said Adam's father, Fernando Vasquez.

Michelle hopes that Angel will help her son open up to other people in the future.

"He's non-verbal. He has hearing loss. He has multiple health issues and he doesn't know how to make friends at all, so Angel is his first real friend," said Morales.