SAPD officers honored for life-saving heroics

Officers Roberto Agiular and Yvette Meade were named Community Heroes

Two San Antonio police officers were named Community Heroes by Christus Santa Rosa Hospital Tuesday for their life-saving actions last year.

On Nov. 10, 2013, Officers Roberto Aguilar and Yvette Meade responded to a disturbance call at the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in the 11500 block of Northwest Military.

When they arrived, they found 40-year-old Darryn Burgess out of control and tried to detain him.

Burgess allegedly knocked Meade unconscious and attempted to take Aguilar's gun.

During the struggle, Aguilar's gun went off, hitting the six-year police veteran in the leg.

Once Meade regained consciousness, she shot Burgess in the torso, ending the ordeal.

The two then received medical treatment from the very hospital staffers they were protecting.

"We wanted to do this today to show our appreciation for the officers because not only did they come and help us with a difficult patient ... but also the lives of our own staff was at risk, and they were able to render aid such that (the incident) didn't escalate any further," said hospital president and CEO Pat Carrier.

Despite the fanfare, Aguilar said he was just doing his job.

"It was just something that obviously neither one of us expected that day, but like we stated earlier, we're just glad that both of our training kicked in that day and allows us to be standing here in front of you guys," Aguilar said.

The partners also heaped praise on the staff members who treated their injuries at the scene.

"From both me and my partner's family, we're both very thankful for the hospital and their staff for the quick medical attention we received that day," Aguilar said.

Dr. Arturo Portillo, who was in the hospital that day, said Aguilar and Meade are truly heroes.

"They helped save all of our lives," he said. "I think my family, everyone's family, are willing to show so much gratitude to everyone involved, both officers Meade and officer Aguilar.

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