Alternative cab services face huge lawsuit

Uber and Lyft drivers warned of citations

The Uber and Lyft cab services operating in San Antonio are facing a lawsuit brought by transportation companies from across Texas.

Two new alternative cab services operating in San Antonio are facing a $1 million lawsuit filed by transportation companies from across Texas.

Established taxi companies including Yellow Cab are taking aim at the app-based companies Uber and Lyft.

The San Antonio police chief has called them rogue companies and says they pose a safety hazard because they are not licensed or permitted by the city.

Drivers for the companies have been warned they could face citations if they continue to operate. However, they say they are being treated unfairly because they are not local companies.

"The lawsuit is without merit and we look forward to resolving it quickly and effectively. Lyft fills an economic and transportation need for both drivers and passengers in San Antonio and Houston, and we will continue to provide safe, reliable rides that benefit the local community and further public safety," read a statement from Lyft to KSAT.

A statement from Uber read, in part, "If anyone should be filing lawsuits, it's San Antonio consumers and the strong local leaders who stand with them - to stand up against the special interest taxi lobby."

KSAT reached out to Yellow Cab for comment but has not been able to contact a spokesperson.