Skeletal remains found on SeaWorld property

Workers discovered remains outside perimeter fence on property


SeaWorld employees discovered what appeared to be human remains on SeaWorld property Friday.

The workers discovered the remains around midday, 100 yards away from the park in a heavily wooded area.

"From all indications at this point, maintenance workers were out doing some routine maintenance responsibilities within that property. They observed what they believe to be human remains, the remains for most part appear to be skeletal," said San Antonio Police Department Sgt. Javier Salazar.

Investigators were unable to determine the gender of the remains or how they got there.

"It's probably been there for several months, maybe upwards of a year," said Salazar.

Investigators don't suspect foul play but aren't ruling anything out.

"At this point we just approach it with a completely open mind," Salazar said.

The medical examiner was called out to the scene. SAPD will wait for an autopsy to determine how the person died.