Luis Baez found guilty in sex abuse of 3 teens

Defense attorney claimed teens were lying


During closing arguments in the sexual abuse trial of Luis Baez, 55, his defense attorney suggested that the teenage girls making the accusation made it all up.

"You can tell that it wasn't very sophisticated," defense attorney Roland Garcia told the jury. "They couldn't even get their stories straight."

But that didn't dissuade a jury from finding him guilty on all counts.

Prosecutor Cadee Wilson scoffed at the suggestion that the victims -- all 14 years old at the time -- were lying.

"Children lie about not doing their homework or cleaning their room," she said. "But children don't lie so that they can come down here and sit through that horrible painful experience of having to tell you what happened to them the first time they had sex."

Last week, one of the victims testified that Baez told her that he wanted her to experience what it was like to have sex before she entered high school.

Garcia also criticized prosecutors for not producing any DNA evidence.

"No DNA, no credible evidence, not proven -- not guilty", he said.

Prosecutors noted that the lack of DNA evidence was because victims waited several months -- and years in the case of one of the victims -- to make an outcry.

It wasn't enough, however, to keep him from being found guilty.

He was taken into custody following the jury's decision. A formal sentencing will take place May 12. He faces a maximum of life in prison.

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