DA secretary: Man indicted in drug overdose of Fredericksburg teen

Robert Gavin Jeffery, 19, indicted on felony charges for death of Sam Herrera, 16


A Gillespie County Grand Jury indicted a man in connection with the death of a teen who died after snorting a synthetic drug. 

Last week, Robert Gavin Jeffrey, 19, was indicted on two felony charges in connection with the death of Sam Herrera, 16, in Fredericksburg.

Herrera died April 20, 2013, after snorting a synthetic hallucinogen known as "M Bomb."

A secretary for District Attorney Bruce Curry confirmed that Jeffery was charged with delivery of a dangerous drug and criminally negligent homicide.

His next court date is scheduled for May 15. The investigation is ongoing and more suspects could face charges.