Home burned 2 years ago poses danger, worry for neighbors

House a pile of charred rubble in far west Bexar County


A once-attached garage is the only thing left standing of a home that existed at 2538 Sunbird Lake.

Investigators arrested someone for setting fire to the house on the morning of April 11, 2012.

While the investigation came to a clean close, neighbors have been left looking at the mess for two years.

No one we spoke to agreed to an interview, but many told us off camera that they worry about neighborhood children hurting themselves on the exposed nails, wires, broken glass and unstable bricks.

We saw children walking along a path next to the home on their way home from school. One boy told us he and his friends walk through the rubble from time to time out of curiosity.

Bexar County Public Works Director Renee Green says her department first received a complaint about the property in February 2013.

Public Works sent notices to the owner of record, Roberto Gonzalez, but never reached him. 

Neighbors say the home was vacant prior to the fire.

"If the owner won't sign for the certified letter, we have to post it in the newspaper. We have to post it on the property. And each one of those steps, there's a 30- to 60-day process in between," said Green.

A court hearing to discuss the property was set for September 2013, but later canceled because Public Works could not reach the owner.

Later in 2013, Green says, Public Works learned Bank of America owns the property now.

"The problem is, without having a clear record of communication with the property owner, we now need to start going through the bank to establish that communication," Green said.

Public Works is now working with BOA to improve the appearance of the property.

"Bank of America holds the mortgage on the property," Green said. "They will care."

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