Mission Hills Mobile Home Community outraged over potential displacement

Owner is asking to re-zone coveted property


Residents of Mission Hills Mobile Home Community are speaking out after owners of the property asked the city for the right to re-zone.

"We all have each other's backs in this park, we care about each other. We take care of each other and we want to be left alone," said passionate Mission Hills Mobile Home Community resident Sherry Posey.

"You cannot just come and build over the lives of people that are already here," added long-time resident Mary Flores.

Both Flores and Posey said it is a move that that would allow for a sale to a developer, potentially paving the way for new luxury apartments.  The move would also presumably force all the current residents of Mission Hills Mobile Home Community to leave.

"We're paying [the owner] every month without fail, and yet, he's treating us like we're nothing here," said Flores, who said residents were never consulted by owners.

The final decision of the matter of zoning will be handed down Thursday by City Council.  Some residents said they planned to attend the meeting and speak in opposition.  Other residents, like Sherry Posey, said they had no intentions of leaving.

"I'll stand right there and block [them]," said Posey.  "I'll block their bulldozers and whatever the hell they want to bring in here. I'll block them, because I'm not leaving."

The area along Mission Road, where the property is located, is becoming highly coveted. Riverside Municipal Golf Course lies across the street, with Mission Reach access nearby.

District 3 City Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said it is also an area that has long been overlooked when it comes to economic development. While she would not say what her vote would be on Thursday, Viagran said she would fight for assistance for the residents, should relocation become necessary.

"I'm fighting to make sure that whatever happens that [residents] are going to be taken care of and that District 3 can have some economic opportunities," said Viagran.

According to a manager on the property, not all residents are fighting the change.  Some residents have already chosen to leave voluntarily, despite no decision being made.

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