When's the best time to buy a car?

Following tips might score you a deal

Are you looking for a deal on your next car? Use these tips to find out when some of the best times to buy a new car are.


Shop on a week day:

While most people go car shopping over the weekend, try to beat the rush and go early in the week, during the day. There will be less people at the dealership so you should be able to get more attention from the sales staff.


Make an offer late in the day:

You might be able to score a deal on a car if you make an offer near closing time. Sales staffs might be anxious to go home and not wanting to go through a negotiation.


Look at the end of the moth/quarter/year:

Most sales people have monthly, quarterly and yearly quotas to meet. Going at the end of a time period might score you a deal.


Look at outgoing models:

Most dealerships get in new models over the summer and fall, so you might be able to score a deal on an older model as they're looking to make space on the lot.