City workers, volunteers clean up after Easter weekend campers

Crews haul away mounds of trash from parks


Easter weekend campers have moved out of the city's parks but left behind mounds of garbage from their celebrations.

Shortly after the sun came up Monday morning, workers from the city of San Antonio's Parks & Recreation Department, with the help of dozens of volunteers, began tackling the trash in Brackenridge Park.

It included piles of plastic bags filled with discarded food, torn decorations and beer cans. 

Broken, colored eggshells and confetti from cascarones also dotted the grass in many areas.

Gerald Cole, armed with work gloves and a plastic trash bag, wasted no time in getting to work, cleaning up the mess.

"I was expecting it to be way more trashed. But they did a good job of having most of the trash piled up around certain spots," he said.

Cole, along with members of his 543rd Support Group squadron, decided to volunteer after receiving an email about the cleanup.

As part of the U.S. Air Force, they're used to serving their country. This time, they answered the call for service from the city.

"I like all of the parks here in San Antonio," Cole said. "As big as this city is, to have something this natural in the middle of it, it's amazing."

Heather Young also traded in her military uniform for the day, and put on a T-shirt and jeans to help.

"Just a good volunteer event for us, for the city. So it will be for a good cause," she said. "It's quite messy, but it's OK. It's a nice day to come out."

Making the park look nice again was their goal.

Although it appeared to be a job that would've taken all day, much of the park had been picked clean by noon.

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