SAPD out in full force during Fiesta

Officers recommend having a safety plan during Fiesta


Staying vigilante and safety is the No. 1 priority for police at Fiesta.

Whether it's on street corners, or walking through the crowds the San Antonio Police Department is out in full force.

"The best night for us is the night that nobody goes to jail everybody comes here they have a good time (and) they go home at the end of the night happy healthy," said Sgt. Javier Salazar.

Salazar said anyone looking to partake in the festivities should come prepared and have a plan in place.

"We tell people come down here and have a good time do what people do when they are having fun just do so responsibly pace yourself you don't have to feel like you have to come out an polish off four-six beers," Salazar said.

Parents bringing children are urged to maintain physical contact with their children to prevent from anybody going missing.

"The biggest thing at Fiesta events is missing children and though most of them are found in two to three minutes to that parent that's the longest two to three minutes of their life," said Salazar.

Police said trouble is rare. Most people are out to have fun but their presence acts as a deterrent.

"If I know SAPD is right there I don't got to worry about it you know just have a good time," said Michael Alvarez who was taking in Fiesta.

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