School threat has parents worried

Many parents considering keeping children home

San Antonio police are continuing to investigate the threat of violence at area schools.
San Antonio police are continuing to investigate the threat of violence at area schools.

Area parents say news of a recent threat of violence made towards an unspecified San Antonio elementary school has them concerned for their children's safety.

Mass emails notifying parents of the threat were sent out to parents at school districts across the city.

After learning about the threat, Erin Chase decided to keep her kids home this week.

"As a mother, you move to the 'what if' scenarios. It's probably going to be OK, but what if this happens in this portion of the school where my child is?" said Chase.

The threatening email was sent to dozens of Northside Independent School District accounts.     

It wasn't clear if it was sent to any other districts. However, the threat only specified a San Antonio elementary school, so all districts are now on alert. 

KSAT obtained a copy of the original email, which says, "You won't see day lights no more. ... I'm the San Antonio serial killer who rapes, suffers, kills and dig (sic) people..."

It then mentions an April 24 attack: "One of the worst mass violence and school shooting" at one of San Antonio's elementary schools..

"This may be a hoax but we have to treat it like a serious threat and that's what we're doing, but we want parents to know we're doing everything we can to keep their children safe at school," said Pascual Gonzalez, Northside ISD spokesman.

He said while there may not be an obvious added police presence at schools, extra precautions are being taken.

"Doors are locked, teachers are on high alert, administration is being more vigilant," he said. "Officers are doing more and more drive-bys at every elementary school, every single day."

Still, for many parents, it's not enough.

"I couldn't live with myself if I sent my children to school, something happened to them and I knew ahead of time that there was the threat out there," said Chase.

SAPD released a statement Tuesday, saying they don't believe the threat is credible but aren't taking it for granted and "all indications thus far are that it's completely safe to send your children to school."

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