SOUND OFF: Are you keeping your kids at home this week?

School threats cause some parents to keep kids out of school

With many districts in Bexar County warning parents about unspecified threats this week, some parents are choosing to keep their kids at home.

Even with STAAR testing scheduled this week, some parents say the risk is too great.

"I don't think someone serious would give warning. But I'm taking no chances with the safety of my children. They will be home the rest of the week. I hate for them to miss school but I don't want to regret sending them either," Lori Hernandez said on our Facebook page.

Other parents say that STAAR testing should be rescheduled due to the threats.

"The kids take the STAAR test this week. It should be postponed because of this. If and when parents decide to keep their kids, that day, the absence should also be excused," said Stephanie Cancino.

If you have children who attend school in or around San Antonio, are you keeping your child home from school this week? Tell us why or why not below.

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