UTSA celebrates 'Earth Week'

Tesla owners show off cars on UTSA campus


Tuesday marks Earth Day 2014.

The annual holiday celebrates environmental protection and it is a movement that is gaining traction with a younger generation. 

That idea was evidenced by a celebration of Earth Week at the University of Texas San Antonio, which got underway Tuesday with an outdoor fair.

"Who says science isn't sexy?" said one student as he checked out a rare Tesla 2010 Roadster Sport.

Two Tesla cars, parked on campus, highlighted the event. The all-electric brand of vehicle operates with no oil and boasts engines the size of watermelons.

"It's costs about two and half cents a mile to drive," said Tesla owner Michael Goldstein.

Other "green" attractions included information on bat conservation to environmentally friendly water bottles. The event also offered students a free t-shirt. The shirts themselves were made from recycled soda bottles.

A larger-than-expected crowd of college students flooded the event.

"I hope it gets even bigger because there are a lot of people here," said a UTSA student.

The students said the large crowds show that their generation is passionate about conservation and environmental issues.

During the week, more events are planned including an environment-themed art show.

"We're also going to be doing a campus cleanup," said Jennifer Kennedy, who served on the Earth Week Planning Committee.  "We also have ‘weigh the waste' events. It's where students in the Road Runner Cafe are encouraged not to waste any food."

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