Asst. DA: Alleged kidnapping victim was awaiting trial

Christopher Varela had pending court date


The Bexar County District Attorney's Office confirms an alleged kidnapping victim -- who is still missing -- had a pending court date five days after he disappeared.

Tamara Strauch, chief assistant district attorney, said 29-year-old Christopher Varela was due in court April 11 to face a felony charge marijuana possession up to 50 pounds.

Police said Varela was last seen April 6, getting into a gold SUV. They also said a vehicle like that had been recovered.

Strauch said Varela's attorney informed the court April 11 his client had been kidnapped, so he asked that Varela's bond not be revoked for failure to appear.

She said the court agreed and re-set the trial for June 6.

However, police have said they are not ruling out the possibility Varela may be a homicide victim by now.

However, they are not talking about a possible motive.

As for Varela allegedly being kidnapped and released last year, Sgt. Javier Salazar, SAPD spokesman, said it was never investigated because it was never reported.

"My indication is that a ransom was paid and he was released," Salazar said.

He said police learned about it this month when Varela's wife was brought in for questioning.

However, police have arrested 24-year-old Terrance McKinney, who is charged with the aggravated kidnapping of a victim who has yet to be found.