Fiesta parade route features $1 porta-potties

Vendors look to turn profit from portable restrooms

KSAT 12 News Nightbeat
KSAT 12 News Nightbeat

Vendors along parade routes sell everything from turkey legs to funnel cakes to portable toilet time.

Anita Hernandez helps coordinate parking and vendors along her boss' property at 1603 Broadway, a key location at the start of both the Battle of Flowers and Flambeau parades. 

Aside from selling spots for parking, they also provide a more short-term service. 

One dollar gets you a trip to one of their 10 restrooms-- eight portable toilets and two inside their building.

"We provide these as a service for the patrons of the parade and for the customers that are actually on our property and we do it because there's a need for it," said Hernandez. "People are willing to pay more than a dollar to use the facilities. We keep them clean, they're convenient and there's a need for it, so it's something we do every year."

She said the closest city-provided restrooms are nearly half a mile away at Maverick Park. Over the last 10 years they've added toilets as demand and acceptance has grown.

"We do get customers that don't like the fact that we charge a dollar and we just let them know that they don't have to if they don't want to," she said. "They don't like it sometimes but they get over it pretty quickly and understand that a dollar, that's a good way to spend your money."

Hernandez said the night parade always brings more customers than the day parade. Three of the portable toilets are for men and the other five are for women, who also have the option of using the indoor bathrooms, which always have longer lines.

"We clean them every hour," she said. "We spray them down with bleach and deodorizer."