Kinetic Kids Fair visits northwest side

10th annual events allows parents, kids to test new equipment


The 10th Annual Kinetic Kids Fair was held at the University United Methodist Church, on the northwest side. 

Several families came out to see what new equipment is available for their kids. 

The nonprofit organization helps close to 2,000 local children with special needs. 

Kacey Wernli, co-founder of the organization, said this one-stop fair helps children try out necessary medical equipment before parents or caregivers buy it.

"Parents are able to bring their children out to try a bath chair or a wheelchair or try a standing frame to see if that's the best equipment for them," said Wernli.

Eight-year-old Miguel Obregon has cerebral palsy. 

His mom, Maria Obregon, said Kinetic Kids has changed her son's life. 

"It's made a huge difference, mainly because he doesn't feel alone," said Maria Obregon.

Without the organization, she believes he wouldn't be active in sports or have the confidence to ever try his best.

For Cheryl Lankford and her son, Jonathon, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, this event also helps her family discover different services being offered in the community.

"We don't always know what's out there, but when we get together we can walk around, get the information and make some contacts," said Lankford. 

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