Clairvoyant predicts outcome of Spurs-Mavs series

Marie Simpson says Spurs will ultimately prevail


Marie Simpson says aside from being clairvoyant, she is also a big Spurs fan who just so happens to have a little extra insight.

"The information comes to me in words, phrases and pictures. It just comes into my mind," she said. "What I'm sensing about tonight's game is that the Mavs are going to come on strong and I feel like the Spurs are really gong to have to keep their strength up the whole game. I feel if they do that, they are going to win. Ultimately, I feel the Spurs are going to win the series."

Simpson predicted a good game for Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili but not a great outcome for the injured Tony Parker, who as of Wednesday afternoon had been upgraded to "probable" after previously hurting his ankle.

"I feel he'll probably play part of the game, not all of the game, and I feel that it's going to affect his game tonight," she said

Simpson admitted her predictions aren't necessarily a slam dunk since there are a lot of factors involved.

However, she said the energy of Spurs fans can have an impact.

"I feel that support can definitely make a difference. A lot of it has to do with our own thoughts," she said. "What the fans can do, really, is see the Spurs winning, just spend some time visualizing that and just send them our energy."

Simpson added the Spurs should do the same by visualizing a win all the way to the Championship.

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