Prosecutor: Bad blood between families led to slaying

Hilario Flores: Andres Segovia shot son


A running feud fueled by a woman led to the 2012 slaying of Joel Flores, 32, according to prosecutors in the trial of Andres Segovia.

The victim's father, Hilario Flores, testified that there was what he called "bad blood" between his family and Segovia after Segovia, 36, began to date his son's former girlfriend.

When asked if he could identify Segovia, Flores pointed to the defendant and said, "He shot my son."

Flores told of a bar fight between his sons and Segovia and some friends in January 2012. He described an ongoing series of harassing and taunting visits outside the family's apartment from Segovia during the months that followed.

"After (the bar fight) happened, they kept molesting and bothering my family," Flores testified.

On the afternoon of June 8, he said that Segovia showed up outside their South Side apartment.

Gesturing toward Segovia, who sat at the defense table in 399th District Court, Flores said, "This man over here comes by with a baseball bat, yelling obscenities toward my son, calling him downstairs."

He testified that Segovia returned later that night but this time he did not have a baseball bat. He said witnesses told him Segovia had a gun.

He said this time his son answered Segovia's call to come downstairs.

"As soon as my son went downstairs -- not even a minute or two -- there was just gun shooting," he said.

He said he dashed downstairs and found his son mortally wounded with two gunshot wounds to the head.

Segovia's lawyer, Tony Jimenez, did not make an opening statement but said he will do so when the defense begins calling witnesses later in the trial.

If Segovia is found guilty, he is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. As the trial began, he pleaded not guilty.

Testimony will continue on Thursday in Judge Ray Olivarri's 399th District Court.

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