'Clumsy crooks' fire shots at mannequin during Houston robbery

Suspects caught on camera tripping over each other

Police are calling a group of men the clumsiest crooks they've ever seen after the trio was caught on camera knocking over things, firing shots through doors and tripping over each other. 

Surveillance cameras caught them as they made their bumbling way through a north Houston boutique shop. 

In the seven years he's investigated robberies, one Houston police officer described the men who targeted this store as the clumsiest criminals he's ever seen. But he says that's what also makes them so dangerous.

The incident happened April 13 at a 24-hour adult novelty store. It was 3 a.m. when the suspects -- one armed with a revolver, the other with a rifle -- barged into the store.

As employees hid, the suspects began casing the store. That's when something bizarre happened.

"The suspect with the rifle accidentally bumped into the suspect with the revolver, causing the male to accidentally discharge the revolver which then spooked both the suspects," said Jeff Brieden, with the Houston Police Department.

Believing their being fired at by someone, you can see from the video both suspects began to randomly discharge their weapons.

"The suspects then frantically run out of the business as the male with the rifle continues to shoot into the business, striking a mannequin and shattering glass of front door," said Brieden.

Because of how careless the armed crooks were, Brieden believes this case could have easily turned into a capital murder if one of the employees had been accidentally shot.

Police say the men are all wearing khaki shorts with black socks and dark-colored shoes. Investigators don't know if that's a fashion trend or the mark of a particular group.

"It's my belief this is new to them. They're not experienced with what their doing; more reason why they need to be taken off the streets," Brieden said.

An employee told KPRC-TV they think it was some kind of initiation because the criminals didn't try to steal anything.

Investigators say they found about one dozen shell casings in the store and at a nearby bus stop.

This story was obtained from KSAT sister station KPRC-TV.