KSAT Nasty Neighbor report: 56 cars, 14 dogs to be removed from home

KSAT viewer tip prompts city to take closer look


From the front, a home on the 200 block of Ware Boulevard appears to look just fine.

But a closer look behind the house reveals several city code violations.

"We want to thank KSAT and the viewers because we've been out there just a couple of times over the last several years and we really didn't see anything," said Rod Sanchez, director of the city's Development Services.

After KSAT 12 alerted Code Enforcement of a tip emailed to nastyneighbor@ksat.com, officers took a more in depth look at the property.

"Thanks to the call, we took a closer look and we found 56 junk vehicles that were in the back," said Sanchez. "Also a bunch of trash and debris."

Fourteen dogs also lived on the property. Pet owners within city limits are allowed to own a maximum of five dogs.

Bexar County Appraisal District records list the property owner as Oscar Pardo. KSAT 12 spoke with Pardo on Wednesday and he said he has surrendered nine dogs to the city's Animal Care Services.

Pardo says he plans to surrender three more.

The dogs are in good health, according to ACS. Pardo has until May 12 to find the dogs a place to stay. He plans to keep two of them.

Several of the junk vehicles have also been removed from the property.

"Since the violation notices, they've removed 15 of the 56 junk vehicles," said Sanchez. "So they still have some 41 out there."

Pardo says he will continue removing the vehicles and take them to a junk yard.

He will be asked to appear before Code Enforcement's Administrative Hearing Officer in two weeks if the trash and debris is not removed.

The city can begin removing the junk vehicles within 30-60 days if the cars have not been removed by that time.

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