Pregnant woman falls on bus, loses baby

Woman says fast bus hit bump in road, causing her to fall onto stomach

A Houston area woman claims she lost her baby after she fell on a METRO bus Tuesday afternoon.

"He was flying down Wilcrest. Literally, he was hauling," said Debra Taylor. "Everyone on the bus was like, 'Wow! Slow down.'"

Taylor said the bus hit a bump in the road and she fell from her seat to the floor, hitting her head and falling on her stomach. She said her pregnancy was past due. 

Taylor said a passenger called 911 because she was hurting. She said an ambulance came to the bus stop and rushed her to the hospital, where she found out she had lost her baby. 

"I found out there was head trauma from the fall," said Taylor. "I had hit my head as well on the seat, but the baby had passed because of it."

A METRO spokesman said Taylor has filed a complaint. The transit authority said it will fully investigate to see if the operator did anything wrong.

"What justice am I getting for my baby? I'm not in it necessarily for money or anything. I just want the awareness," said Taylor.

This story was obtained from KSAT sister station KPRC-TV in Houston.