The GEO Group, Inc. statement regarding KSAT report

The GEO Group, Inc. issued a statement Thursday evening in response to KSAT 12's report on privately run prisons. It reads:

"Our company has had long-standing public-private partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies throughout the United States dating back to the mid-1980s.

GEO's facilities, including the Central Texas Detention Facility and the South Texas Detention Center, provide high quality services in safe, secure, and humane residential environments with the safety and security of staff and residents as a paramount priority, and our company categorically denies and strongly refutes allegations to the contrary. Our facilities adhere to strict contractual requirements and standards set by state and federal agencies, which employ several full-time, on-site contract monitors who have a physical presence at each of GEO's facilities.

In the case of federal detention facilities, GEO's facilities provide office space for federal government personnel, immigration attorneys, immigration court judges, non-governmental organizations, and other constituent groups who have unfettered access to each facility. All of GEO's residential facilities under direct contract with the federal government are audited and inspected by each respective contracting agency on a routine and unannounced basis. GEO's facilities are also independently accredited by the American Correctional Association, which is widely recognized as the foremost independent detention accreditation agency in the United States and which reviews more than 450 independent standards.

During its most recent ACA accreditation audits, the Central Texas Detention Facility and the South Texas Detention Center received scores of 96.5% and 98.4% respectively.

All correctional and detention organizations in the world, public or private, face challenges that are inherent in the management of offender and detainee populations; however our company has always strived to meet or exceed industry leading standards including those set by the American Correctional Association and other leading independent accreditation agencies around the world.

Additionally, our company invests approximately $100 million per year in rehabilitation, education, and reentry programs which help offenders reintegrate into society.

On any given day, more than 20,000 state and federal offenders are enrolled in evidence-based, in-prison rehabilitation programs at GEO facilities around the U.S., ranging from academic and vocational classes to life skills and treatment programs, and approximately 7,000 offenders participate daily in GEO's community reentry programs through approximately 80 residential reentry and day reporting centers which provide transitional housing, education, rehabilitation, substance abuse treatment, job placement, and other services designed to help offenders successfully reintegrate into society.

In the past ten years, GEO has awarded more than 10,000 GEDs through the company's in-prison academic programs.

Additionally over the last decade, approximately 40,000 inmates have achieved completion certificates from a variety of GEO vocational programs including computer support, carpentry, culinary arts, horticulture, masonry, electrical, and commercial driver's license courses. GEO has also offered life skills programs to approximately 90,000 inmates who have completed cognitive behavior, problem solving, employability, and parenting courses over the last ten years. And through GEO's treatment services, over 100,000 inmates have completed substance abuse and therapeutic programs in the last decade."


Pablo E. Paez
The GEO Group, Inc.