Bexar County DWI Court celebrates 1st anniversary

Program offers treatment for repeat offenders


On Friday the Bexar County DWI Court celebrated the one-year anniversary of its program geared toward keeping drunken drivers from getting back out on the road.

Ms. Delgado was one of two graduates of the new program honored Friday.

She said the help she got started the day that she was arrested.

"Now I see when I was arrested for my second DWI, these two police officers were angels that came into my life," said Delgado. "And I was introduced to this program."

The Bexar County DWI Court serves misdemeanor offenders that are alcohol dependent.

Judge Al Alonso with the Therapeutic Justice Foundation said the drug court model offers a new solution to traditional incarceration.

"In March, we had eight deaths in our roads, most of those deaths involved alcohol," said Alonso. "Research shows that most of these individuals are addicted, they are repeat offenders and unless they get treatment, they're going to repeat again."

Judge Lisa Rodriguez, who presides over the DWI Court, said in other models around the country, drug courts have been proven to lower crime, unite families and save taxpayer dollars by reducing the number of repeat offenders.

"Many of them have never worked before," said Rodriguez. "Now they're holding full-time jobs. They're reconnecting with their families. We're restoring families. Parents are talking to their kids and they are learning a whole new way to live."

As for Delgado, she said she has been with the program for a year and it has changed her life for the better.

"It's exciting to have a new life of sobriety," said Delgado. "And I'm feeling good all the time and wanting just to do great in life. So, yes, it has brought my family so much closer together."

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