FBI creates app for child's information

Officials urge parents to know child's information in case they're missing

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a new app called the FBI Child ID app to help parents store valuable information in case their child is ever missing.

The app lets parents keep pictures, a child's height and weight and a checklist of things for parents to do in the first 48 hours after their child's disappearance.

FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee says keeping a cool head when your child is missing is hard to do.

"Whenever a parent is told or they learn that their child is missing it strikes absolute terror and fear in their heart so it is very common for parents to panic," said Lee.

Sabrina Martinez is a proud mother. She claims to know her daughters height and weight and says she keep it in a catalog.

"I can tell you that shes 20 pounds and she's 48 inches tall and she has brown eyes (and) brown hair," Martinez said.

We put Martinez's answers to the test when we pulled out measuring tape. Martinez's daughters was actually only 29 inches tall.

The FBI urges parents to never take any chances.

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