Mother wants justice for baby girl, killed 5 years ago

16-month-old Laren Moreno died in 2009 of blunt force trauma


A grieving San Antonio mother is asking for justice for her baby girl, after she was killed nearly 5 years ago.

Sixteen-month-old Lauren Moreno died of injuries associated with shaken baby syndrome on May 17, 2009.

On May 16, 2009, Leann Moreno said she dropped off Lauren at her usual daycare and never saw her alive again.

"Between 7 - 7:15 that morning, I went to work," said Moreno. "I got a call at 1 o'clock that she was unresponsive. She never made it out and died the next morning."

According to the police report, the woman at the daycare left to attend a funeral, leaving her husband with Lauren.

The husband later called and said he found the Lauren on the ground, vomiting and unresponsive.

Since then, the medical examiner has determined that Lauren died of blunt force trauma to the head.

However, the examiner did not narrow down the time frame of when Lauren was injured, leaving open just who could be at fault.

"If he were to narrow it down, just like the physicians at the hospital did," said Moreno. "Her pediatrician saw her, her cardiologist saw her and they're all saying that it happened within hours of her becoming unresponsive, but since the medical examiner will not state that, it's held up."

After nearly five years, Moreno said there is still no movement in the case.

"I just want justice for her," said Moreno. "She didn't have to die this way. No child should have to die this way. It was blunt force trauma to the head. I would think that would be a clear case, but I really just want justice and I want him to pay for what he did."

The medical examiner had also determined that Lauren's death was a homicide.

However, to this day, no charges have been filed and the case is still under investigation.

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