Water main break poses problems for Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio

SAWS: 24-inch main break isn't weather-related


A 24-inch water main break shut off water to several downtown buildings, and temporarily forced the closure to the drive-up entrance and parking garage at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Antonio.

San Antonio Water System officials said the incident Tuesday morning at the intersection of Bowie and Market streets was not related to the storms that roared through the city hours earlier.

Hotel staff who showed up to work in suits rolled up their sleeves and pant legs to line window edges with towels and stack sandbags as water tried to seep into the building.

"Our crews got on the site right away," said SAWS spokesperson Anne Hayden.

Several people who were planning to attend the Texas Emergency Management Conference at the Grand Hyatt were unable to get to the hotel immediately due to the flooding street.

"Pretty amazing. I thought it was part of the storm last night, but I guess it's a water main break," said Tom Checkel.


"They (have to) drop it back a few inches more. I don't have my right boots on for that," said Neil Habermale.

Most of the water that flooded the street flowed toward the Grand Hyatt, but other buildings also lost water supply for a few hours.

"In a densely populated area like downtown when you have a major water main that breaks, it affects a lot of people," said Hayden.

SAWS officials said water was restored to downtown by noon on Tuesday.

During continued repairs, one lane will be open on Market from Alamo to Bowie. Police officers are on-site and will be directing traffic through the duration of the repairs.

Here are more videos of the water main break courtesy Danielle Austin: