READ: City councilmember statements

Diego Bernal – District 1 Councilman

"We're pretty confident that he's going to get the appointment, and that's a big deal for him and the city. I don't think anyone who is going to run in 2015 should be the interim mayor. I'm considering (running in 2015). I think a lot of us are thinking about it and considering it, and for that reason I believe personally that we should distill politics and work."

Ivy Taylor – District 2 Councilwoman

"I'm excited for the mayor. It's good for him and San Antonio. As far as what happens next, we're waiting for the dust to settle. I haven't ruled out any options, but I want to see a smooth transition to make sure that we stay focused on governance and policy making. As for 2015, I haven't even considered that."

Rebecca Viagran – District 3 Councilwoman

"Although I've been asked to consider seeking the appointment for mayor from people whose opinion I respect, I will not be adding my name to that list. I look forward to visiting with my council colleagues who have expressed an interest in being mayor to see how we can continue to move the city forward."

Rey Saldana – District 4 Councilman

Still waiting for comment

Shirley Gonzales – District 5 Councilwoman

"This is a wonderful opportunity for Mayor Castro to make a tremendous impact for all Americans. It also gives us as council members the opportunity to carefully study if we want to consider serving as mayor of the 7th largest city in the US. I and other colleagues are seriously considering serving our city in an even greater capacity."

Ray Lopez – District 6 Councilman

Lopez said he is seriously considering seeking the appointment. He told KSAT 12 in an interview on Saturday, "I think the council, in general, has had a pretty collegial approach to how we govern the city. With him (potentially)out of the picture, because he has set a good pace and good tone, we'll continue to do that kind of stuff. "I really believe the tone that has been set, the team that has been built, regardless of who steps in and takes over, the pace isn't going to change. As a matter of fact, I would suspect that because of him being in a higher position perhaps our pace would even increase."

Cris Medina - District 7 Councilman

Still awaiting comment

Ron Nirenberg – District 8 Councilman

"We're in a very critical time and we need to sustain the momentum we've had under Mayor Castro and Hardberger. We're going to need strong leadership to get the work done. It would be an honor to serve all 10 districts and if my colleagues saw me in that same light, I'd consider it."

Joe Krier – District 9 Councilman

"I think our country spends too much time speculating on who will run for what and when. I think we should all just focus on the immediate tasks we have in front of us right now."

Mike Gallagher – District 10 Councilman

"I hope that this opportunity for Mayor Castro is a positive step for him, his family and for San Antonio. I will be considering offering my name as a potential successor to the Mayor when the time arises to give the residents of San Antonio a new direction. I am concerned about the method that has been established under the City Charter to fill the vacancy of the office of the Mayor. In the future we need to consider opening the selection process to also include individuals not currently on Council, or hold a special election much like we do for other vacated City Council seats."