Expert: Gun locks key in gun safety

Death of Jennilynn Montana, 6, serves as reminder for gun safety

The death of a 6-year-old who was shot after getting her hands on a shotgun Sunday serves as a grim reminder to adults about how important it is to make sure guns are in a safe place, with safety locks on them.

Firearm expert Bruce Wilkerson said he believes parents can't afford not to put the locks to use.

Wilkerson, the owner of A Place to Shoot, said every firearm sold comes with a safety lock. Some handguns are even made with a built-in lock.

"A lot of these guns come with a lock actually integrated onto the side (with an) access with this key," said Wilkerson.

Jennilynn Montana, 6, was killed in an apparent accidental shooting at her Southeast Side home. Investigators say Montana and her sister got a hold of a shotgun. 

No safety lock was on that gun.

Shooting a shotgun is more destructive than shooting a hand gun, Wilkerson said, and that's why more education on gun safety is needed if you're going to own one. 

Wilkerson's daughter, Taylor Bakke, said she's been around guns all her life. Gun safety is stressed to every person who buys a gun from their shop.

"Let us rent you a gun show you how to use it, show you all the safety aspects, before you buy a gun and take it home with you," said Bakke.

Police have not determined if charges will be filed against Montana's parents.