Air Force wife pays it forward to firefighters on Memorial Day

Firefighters called out to fire return to find groceries paid for


A crew of firefighters got a surprise after they had to abandon a cart of groceries to respond to an emergency - and now they're paying it forward.

The firefighters from Vacaville, Calif. were shopping at a Costco store on Memorial Day. They were wearing camouflage shirts to honor the military.

During their shopping trip, the crew received a 911 call and had to leave the cart of food to respond. When they returned to the store, they found their groceries, totaling more than $123, had been paid for by an "Air Force wife."

The anonymous woman wrote, "Fire fighters, Thanks for being there for us! Have a good weekend."

On their Facebook page, the firefighters wrote, "Whoever did this, we are forever grateful and your kind gesture will not be forgotten. Meals at the firehouse come out of our own pockets and this was beyond generous."

Firefighters from Vacaville served dinner at a local pizza restaurant Wednesday night to "pay it forward," with 50% of the proceeds from each pizza going to the Fisher House located at Travis Air Force Base. They also invited a 97-year-old veteran of World War II to the firehouse for dinner to thank him - and all men and women who have fought for our country.

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